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Mohammed El-Said

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     January 14, 1986

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     Cairo, Egypt


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    Helwan University
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Tiny Applications

Below you will find some applications I made during my life, I hope you enjoy it - some with source code :)

Snake Game
2D Snake game with levels, mazes, and 2 players support, using VB.Net “Current Version 2.3” Download…

Nice TETRIS Game with levels, and sounds, using VB.Net “Current Version 1.3” Download…

15-Square Game
A nice puzzle game, the player has to rearrange the pieces of the puzzle to get the correct picture, along with embedded nice photos, and with ability to play the game with any other photo at the player PC, Using Visual C#.Net "Current Version 2.2" Download…

Time Sheeter
Program for part time employees, they enter coming and leaving times each day, and get reports as a time sheet for each month with graphs showing comparison between total and average time per hours during a specified period of time with ability to change the color of the program interface to meet users’ needs, Using Visual C#.Net “Current Version 1.2” Download…

Database Attacher
Some times instead of installing Microsoft SQL Server at the client ,or for learning purposes it is enough to install only MSDE “Microsoft SQL Desktop Engine”, but unfortunately MSDE has no interface to deal with so the only way to attach or detach your database to SQL Server is to write SQL statements in command prompt based program OSQL, the Database Attacher program gives you the capabilities of attaching and detaching your database with a friendly user interface, there are 2 versions of the program, the windows version which can be used in the setup packages on the application CD, and the DOS version which copies the database from the CD to the client hard disk, detaches the old versions if exist and attaches the new version according to the user parameters in the INI file, with silent mode possibilities, Using Visual C#.Net “Current Version is 2.3” Download Dos Version… , Download Win Version…

The Reminder
Program for alarming purposes with advanced alarming options like At Certain Time, After Certain Period of Time, at next Login, Before Shutdown, or when connected to the internet. With notification window like MSN, and friendly user interface, Using Visual C#.Net “Current Version is 1.0 Beta” Download…

Hang Man
A nice simple Famous Hang Man game, Using Visual Basic.Net Download…

Image Viewer
A Simple program to show any format of images, with many position styles (Normal, Center, and Stretch), it is only 40 KB so you can put it any where even floppy disks, Using Visual Basic.Net “Current Version is 1.2” Download…

Screen Saver
Simple screen saver with nice flying birds, Using Visual Basic.Net Download…

Simple program teaches you how to build a notification window like msn, with source code, Using Visual C#.Net Download… , Download Source Code…

Get IP
Simple program teaches you how to get the IP address of you PC, with source code, Using Visual C#.Net Download… , Download Source Code…

Shutdown Detecter
Simple program teaches you how to track shutdown event in the windows and how to handle and even cancel it, with source code, Using Visual C#.Net Download… , Download Source Code…