Mohammed El-Said Mohammed Moussa

Last update in 01/05/2019

Personal Data

Address: Cairo - Egypt.

Date of Birth: 14th Jan. 1986       

Military Status: Exempted.

Nationality: Egyptian

Marital Status: Married.

Mobile Number: 01001127344


Web Site: [Personal]


Jobs History

09/2005 – Present

Teacher Assistant at Faculty of computers & information - Helwan University - Computer Science department.

02/2008 – Present

IT Consultant at Nile Company for consumer complexes.

09/2018 – Present

Chief Technology Officer at SYNC.



·         Working as a .Net Developer for Desktop and Web Applications.

·         Working as an Android Developer using Hybrid technologies HTML / JS / CSS.

·         Working as an Instructor for programming related courses like C / C++ / C# / ASP.NET / HTML / Java Script / CSS

·         Learning, Developing, and Teaching new areas, technologies, and tools related to the field of computer science and programming.

Developing Experience

Software developer at SHADI Systems,


Tools used

-       Desktop Applications

-       Visual C#. Net

-       Pocket PC / Tablet PC Applications


-       Web-Based / Web-Enabled Applications

-       ADO.NET and ASP.NET

Part time Software Consultant at ThirdWayv Inc. (Cairo branch), for many desktop, iPhone Applications using C# / Xamarin

Senior Software & Team Leader at SYNC Inc., for many web Applications using C# / MVC / EF / SQL / jQuery.

Freelance software developer for many Desktop, Web-Based, Web-Enabled, Android Applications using:

Kindly check Business Projects Section for more details

Instructing Experience

- C / C++

- C#




- SQL Server


Consultation Experience

11/2018 – 02-2019

IT Consultant at Rabaa Hospital.

Languages Spoken

Arabic: Native Language.                  English: Very good written and spoken.

Educational History

Technical Skills / MVC

C# /


jQuery / Ajax

ADO .Net / EF

SQL Server




Apache Cordova



Theoretical knowledge

PhD Thesis

·         Title: Sentiment Analysis Approach for Social Media

·         Category: Natural Language Processing

·         Keywords: Sentiment Analysis, Opinion Summarization, Social Media Analytics.

§  Three approaches for dealing with sentiment analysis task:

1.    Lexicon-based approach with 81.62% accuracy.

2.    Hybrid (Lexicon-based + Machine Learning) with 91.38% accuracy.

3.    Hybrid (Lexicon-based + Machine Learning + Semantic) with 92.81% accuracy.

§  Abstractive Opinion Summarizer, that mixes sentiment analysis with abstractive summarization.

 (1) Mohammed Elsaid Moussa, Ensaf Hussein Mohamed, Mohamed Hassan Haggag,
A survey on Opinion Summarization Techniques for Social Media”,
Accepted for publication in “Future Computing and Informatics Journal
on 19 Dec 2017, Published online on 12 Jan 2018

(2) Mohammed Elsaid Moussa, Ensaf Hussein Mohamed, Mohamed Hassan Haggag,
A Generic Lexicon-based Framework for Sentiment Analysis
Accepted for publication in “International Journal of Computers and Applications” on 29 May 2018, Published online on 17 Jun 2018

(3) Mohammed Elsaid Moussa, Ensaf Hussein Mohamed, Mohamed Hassan Haggag,
Sentiment Analysis and Opinion Mining: A hybrid Framework based on lexicon and machine learning approaches
Accepted for publication in “International Journal of Computers and Applications” on 30 April 2019

Python, Scikit-Learn, Keras, TensorFlow, HTML, JS, CSS

Master Thesis

·         Title: Automated Periodontal Diseases Classification System

·         Category: Medical Image Processing

·         Keywords: Biomedical Image Processing, Digital Image Analysis, Epithelium Segmentation, Feature Extraction, Nuclear Segmentation, Periodontal Diseases Classification.

An efficient and innovative system for automated classification of periodontal diseases, by using knowledge from the patients' clinical data, along with the features automatically extracted from the Haematoxylin and Eosin (H&E) stained microscopic images.

The proposed system uses image-processing techniques based on color deconvolution, morphological operations, and watershed transforms, and Feedforward Backpropagation Artificial Neural Networks for the classification process.

The proposed system reports 100% classification accuracy in correctly identifying the different periodontal diseases observed in the used 30 samples dataset.


Aliaa A. A. Youssif, Abeer Saad Gawish, Mohammed Elsaid Moussa,

"Automated Periodontal Diseases Classification System"

International Journal of Advanced Computer Science and Applications (IJACSA), New York, USA, vol. 3, no. 1, pp. 40– 48, January 2012.

MATLAB 7.11.0 (R2010b)

Graduation Project

·         Title: Smart Business Office “SBO”

·         Category: Project Management & Workflow Automation System

·         Components

(1) Smart Planner     (2) Smart Flow Organizer     (3) Smart Collaboration Center

SBO is a framework consists of integrated tools working together to plan, track and organize organizations' phases in effective and efficient way, and integrate all organization’s departments to achieve best performance and manage all resources with optimal cost and time.

Visual C#.Net 1.1, ADO.Net (C# 1.1), ASP.Net (C# 1.1), SQL Server 2000

Some Business Projects

A Complete package for Point-of-Sale, currently working in more than 45 different branches of Nile Company for consumer complexes, connected together to the main branch in Nasr City, sharing centralized database; Also working in Al-Amin for Printing and Publishing, Felepco for Cars Accessories, & Wadi Food for selling some food products; Visual Studio 2010, SQL Server 2005, C#.                                  For more info, kindly visit

A Complete package for Accountants, Including Sales, Purchases, Stocks, Suppliers, Customers, Stocks, & Accountants; Currently working in 3 different locations in Cairo, Hurghada; Visual Studio 2008, SQL Server 2005, C#.

For more info, kindly visit

A Program to handle all the data required by real estate brokers, customers, owners, estates, and contracts, currently working in 2 different locations in Cairo; Visual Studio 2008, SQL Server 2005, C#.                                         For more info, kindly visit

A Program to handle all the data required by companies, to record their employee’s data, with their financial issues, fund contributions, payment of subscriptions and so on. Currently working in Misr for Tamier Company in Cairo; Visual Studio 2008, SQL Server 2005, C#.

For more info, kindly visit

A Program to handle all the evaluations, qualifications, accomplishments, awards of the employees. Currently working in The Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor in El-Kuwait; Visual Studio 2015, SQL Server 2012, C#.

A Program to handle all the contacts, installments, visits, employees, technicians, for pest control companies. Currently working in Ghina for Pest Control and Termite Treatment in Saudi Arabia; Visual Studio 2015, SQL Server 2012, C#.

A Program to handle all Payroll related data, such as Employees data, branches, jobs, salaries, taxes, attendance, vacations, and permissions. Currently working in Mas Company in Cairo; Visual Studio 2010, SQL Server 2005, C#.

A Program to handle all transportation related data, such as Clients, Cars, Drivers, Transportation Contracts & Sheets, and all related statements. Currently working in El-Zafer Company in Cairo; Visual Studio 2012, SQL Server 2008, C#.

A Program for Reefy Company for Micro-finance projects, to handle the visits of employees, and the state of loans, with a lot of reports, views, and privileges, working in a lot of branches in a lot of cities inside Egypt; Visual Studio 2008, SQL Server 2005, C#.

Accounting program to manage sales, expenses, items, customers, and stock with networking capabilities using VB.Net 2005, and MS Access, this program is working in gallery for Decorative pieces and furniture archeological.

A program to manage all data related to the mixer company like clients, drivers, cars, mixture types, and records, and generates reports about all detailed and totaled information. Using VB.Net 2005, and Access, this program integrates with the mixture machine’s SKADA program

A System for recognizing Cars License Plate Numbers using MATLAB

Some Websites

I developed / designed / hosted a lot of web sites, for personal and business purposes, including the following:

شركة سمارت فاروس

مجلة عين على السينما

مجلة المستقبل الاقتصادي

الموقع الإخباري بوابة الثورة

الموقع الالكتروني لمجلة المشاهير

سلسلة مطاعم سمايلز جريل

مهرجان الإسماعيلية للأفلام التسجيلية والقصيرة

شركة غنى لمكافحة الآفات والحشرات والنمل الأبيض، المملكة العربية السعودية

مكتبة كليلة ودمنة

مسابقة المصري الصغير الخاصة بمكتبة كليلة ودمنة 2013، 2014

شركة بلس سيكيوريتي للخدمات الأمنية

المصنع الحديث لفن النجف

شركة مصر للتعمير

شركة سفينكس إنداستري

شركة البطل لنقل وتغليف الأثاث

شركة شحاتة لنقل وتغليف الأثاث

شركة الحمد لنقل وتغليف الأثاث

شركة المناهري لنقل وتغليف الأثاث

عدة شركة لنقل وتغليف الأثاث

مركز الدكتور محمود الإكيابي لجراحات السمنة المفرطة

شركة سمارت توب مانجميبت للصيانة الوقائية

شركة سمارت توب مانجمينت للفوركس

سكيميك للخدمات البحرية

الموقع الشخصي

Android Apps

I developed / designed some Android apps using Apache Cordova [HTML / JS / CSS], they are published on Google Play in the following URL:

Some Personal Projects

Program to handle the teaching load distribution for the faculties, with conflicts detection, and a lot of reports for students, assistants, lecturers, labs, and subjects, with the ability for publishing all the reports to the internet

Program to handle the assigning of exams observations sessions over the assistants and employees, with a friendly user interface and generalized reports.

Program to serve as a scratch pad for testing simple C# code, without the need to creating a dummy console application, working with all versions of .net framework, and supports all the C# code, with code coloring, folding, and auto completion.

A simple web application used in unzipping the web site contents, very useful for cases when uploading web sites with a lot of files, when the hosting server doesn’t include feature for dealing with archiving/un-archiving web site contents



Web-based software package to be used by college's professors, students, and faculty stuff; The professors will use the package in registering, adding the courses' materials, bank of questions according to the course's level and to follow up the registered students. The students will use the package in the registration, learning the courses and to be quizzed and evaluated online using the Exam Online Engine. The faculty stuff will use the package to add new courses, assigning it to approved professors, putting all information necessary for courses (Course Keys, maximum allowed time, and maximum exam tries, etc…

Program for alarming purposes with advanced alarming options like At Certain Time, After Certain Period of Time, at next Login, Before Shutdown, or when connected to the internet. With notification window like MSN, and friendly user interface, Using Visual C#.Net “Current Version is 1.0 Beta”

Program gives you the capabilities of attaching and detaching your database with a friendly user interface, there are 2 versions:

o   Windows version: can be used in the setup packages on the application CD.

o   Console version: copies the database from the CD to the client hard disk, detaches the old versions if exist and attaches the new version according to the user parameters in the INI file, with silent mode possibilities.

Using Visual C#.Net “Current Version is 2.4” – Working with both SQL Server 2000 and 2005

Program for part time employees, allowing entering of coming and leaving times, with reports for each month, graphs, comparisons between total and average times, Using Visual C#.Net “Current Version 1.2”

§  Sudoku Solver: A Program to solve the Sudoku puzzles, Using Visual C#.Net “Current Version 1.0”

§  Minesweeper: A famous Minesweeper game with almost all capabilities in Microsoft Minesweeper, Using Visual C#.Net “Current Version 1.0”

§  Snake Game:2D Snake game with levels, mazes, and 2 players support, using VB.Net “Current Version 2.3”

§  15-Square Game:15-Square puzzle game, with ability to play with any images at the player's PC, Using Visual C#.Net "Current Version 2.2"

§  Tetris: Tetris game with levels and sounds, Using Visual Basic.Net “Current Version 1.3”

§  Master Match: Classic Master Match game, supporting 2-Players Via-Network

§  XO Game: Classic XO game with 2-Players Via-Network

§  Car Racing: A simple Car Racing game using Managed DirectX with Visual C#.Net 2005 for teaching purposes




Ø  Note:

Ø  You can see and download most of the personal projects from this web site, also you can find a lot about the business projects in this web site